About Market Chronologix Inc.

How did we come to be?

Market Chronologix, Inc was founded in April 2017 by three Aerospace Engineers and a web development entrepreneur who wanted to use a statistically-based, algorithm-driven approach to create high performance, easy-to-follow trading strategies. The name Market Chronologix is derived from the Greek Chronos, and the stylized word “Logix” to synthesize the concepts of time and logic as applied to the financial markets.

When you sign up as a Market Chronologix subscriber, each buy/sell signal you get will tell you what the MCI team will be trading, so you execute your trades with the knowledge that we’re executing the same trade.

What do we do?

We use the same engineering analysis techniques we have employed throughout our careers to devise high-performance strategies which rely on a suite of commonly-used technical indicators, as well as our own custom indicators to produce reliable trade signals. Each of our strategies is carefully designed, exhaustively optimized, and back-tested over many years of market time to produce exceptionally high expectancy values, which translates to a higher statistical likelihood of success.

It might sound complex, but our approach yields a simple system that is designed to take the guesswork out of trading by reducing the process to a series of steps: 1. Wait for a signal, 2. Take Action, 3. Repeat.

Feel free to browse our wiki pages to learn more about our strategies and the metrics we use to characterize their performance. Browse through our strategy performance history. It’s all there - winning and losing trades - backtested and actual trades. As engineers, we make data-driven decisions, and we want to enable you to do the same.


The Team

Dave D'Aurelio


Eric Webber

VP / Chief Market Strategist

Scott Bennett

Chief Technical Officer

Clay Herendeen

Director of Operations